the officinal garden

Between ancient roses and forgotten fruit trees...

In addition to the campaign our passion is also for gardening, so after some historical research, botanical and religious visits to gardens and Italian, French and English gardens, we have created a place that recalls the medieval gardens with herbs so beloved by Benedictine monks in their workshops.


Texts consulted for the creation of the garden:

- Capitulare de Villis - Carlo Magno

- Der Hortulus Strabo


The Medicinal Garden is the setting for private parties, events and projects involving green and creative artists!


He is also

- Of the national network of parks and gardens: "The most beautiful gardens of Italy" (link to the page)

- In the circuit "Stories of Villas and Gardens" of the Province of Perugia (Link to the page)

The garden is open to visitors, just call us or send us an email through our contacts!

The etymology of the word "paradise" come from garden. The idea to make our garden a little "terrestrial paradise" is that which ispired us during his creation.

What we have tried to create is a green and fragrant corner that grows and blooms at the foot of the Benedictine abbey ready to give days and nights of satisfaction of the senses.


Here you can:

- Relax if you're on vacation

- Explore and smell the aromas of herbs

- Take herbs to cook tasty dishes in the Vitalis Apartment

- Participate in private parties, weddings and "green events"


The herb garden with the olive oil of the farm and the mill are the raw materials of our products, from which sometimes are obtained also favors and preparations for the festivities that take shape in the abbey!


Here's a list of our main products:


- The aromatic olive oil

- The aromatic soap

- The hand-made paper for invitations and participations

- The wedding favors

- The decorations for the partys