"We, my husband Francesco and I, are in love with this place which belongs to my family since 1921. We love to preserve this place and make this historical treasure chest more alive every day. Our love for beauty brought us to improve it more and more, recreating at its feet a garden for aromatic and medicinal herbs".


Annalisa Sposini

The Abbazia dei Sette Frati is a Benedictine complex dated back to the twelfth century.

It was an abbey until 1400, then moved in commendation to some cardinal families, including that of the Della Corgna in the second half of 1500.

In particular Cardinal Fulvio Della Corgna made ​​it one of his haunt and country residences, frescoing most of the voults with grotesque motifs.

In the 1921 it became property of the family of Sposini.

Now, I and  with my husband, continue to give life to that my g-grandfathers, my grandparents and then my father have started.

Annalisa Sposini